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West Tile & Marble, LLC

Hawaii License C-29764
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                               Exceptional Craftsmanship Since 1990
With over 25 years experience and a reputation for being meticulous at every phase of it's operation, clients are sure to be rewarded with exceptional results.  What distinguishes this business from others is layout planning & execution in detail.  WTM is a small business without excessive overhead costs thus providing greater value to homeowners & builders alike.  If quality & experience matter, then enjoy this website.   
Tile is the most versatile and durable building material used in construction.  Design possibilities are limited only by your imagination.  Whether your concept is extravagant personal expression or conservative function, tile will accommodate.
Related trade knowledge provides the option to coordinate the entire project through one contractor.

Demolition & Removal
Light Framing (Shower / Tub Concepts)
Related Plumbing (Valves, Drains, etc.)
Dry Packs
Glass Block
Heated Floors
Epoxy Grout
Glass Enclosures

Except for wall tile, most manufacturers do not offer matching trim.  The trend today is the use of floor tile for any surface.  A properly finished edge includes some type of edge detail.  WTM is outfitted with power edge production equipment for superior finish results. 

The process of floating substrates is becoming a lost art.  Since the tile industry's introduction of manufactured backer panels, many new setters have never learned the process of floating.  Backer panels are only as true as the rough construction they are fastened to. The benefit of a floated surface is the ability to correct rough framing to achieve level, plumb, flat & square as well as creating a seamless unit resistant to cracking.  This quality becomes especially beneficial with smaller formats & mosaics.       


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